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About Us

Who we are

FirstConcept Inc. is a company that involves in the import, and distribution of Coir & rubber based floor mats, Horticulture, Growing media products, Brushes & brooms, Bedding & upholstery. Our products are imported and distributed by factories based in Sri Lanka, India. Our entire line consists of Eco-friendly products. They are made out of coconut coir fibers and rubber which makes them biodegradable.
"To be the world leader in innovative eco friendly products at competitive pricing and the highest level of service."

Based in New Jersey

At present, FirstConcept Inc. is capable of importing and distributing a wide range of Rubberized coir & Needled Coir Fibre products. Rubberized Coir Fibre is a unique blend of Coconut fiber & natural rubber. Together they form a resilient, aerated material suitable for applications of Bedding, Furniture, Horticulture, Packaging, Filtration, Erosion Control, Upholstery & many other applications.

Our facilities have ISO 14000 certifications for environment management systems and we are members of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).

Our Products

We have a wide range of Eco Friendly products made from Coir, a natural fibre and our basic raw material used in the products. Below you will find some categories of our products at FirstConcept :

Coir & Rubber Based Floor Mats

Horticulture Products

Growing Media Products

Brushes & Brooms

Bedding & Upholstery

Metal Planters

Hardware Products

Plastic Products

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